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A Century of Separate but Equal

A Century of Separate but Equal by Phillip Brown was eye opener book, a lot of things which we already knew but its hurts my heart to see some of the same problems still exist. equality in pay for black teachers, how Anne Arundel was slow to segregate. zoning problems and the selling of "Negro" schools. The black school was the single most important thing in black advancement. Selling our schools was done out of spite after the Brown vs. Board decision. Transportation from black neighborhoods to school is still a problem today. My daughter bus does not run when ever her drivers take off. Kids are missing school at an alarming rate. I think the book is important for everyone to read. so we can see the progress we made and the progress we hadn't made. Now some of us have kids growing up in the same school system, and personally I'am nervous that they may get treated just as we did.

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