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At a tiny Annapolis-area park, a group of men is seeking to preserve Black history


February 28, 2023


Browns Woods, Maryland

At a tiny Annapolis-area Park

"At a tiny Annapolis-area park, a group of men is seeking to preserve Black history" is an article written by Rick Hutzell and published in The Baltimore Banner February 28, 2023

The article discusses how a group of men from the Annual Father's Day Foundation, a nonprofit organization that promotes responsible fatherhood, has been working to preserve the historical significance of Browns Woods Park, a small park located in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

Browns Woods Park was once a thriving Black community during segregation, but over the years, the community was displaced and the park became neglected. The article explains how the Annual Father's Day Foundation has been working to restore the park and preserve its historical significance, including hosting an annual Father's Day celebration at the park.

The article also highlights the challenges that the group has faced, including resistance from the local government and lack of funding. However, the group remains committed to preserving the park and its history, which they believe is an important part of the local community and the broader history of Black Americans in Maryland.

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