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Oral History Project (Snippet)

Today's a special day as we drop our very first vlog snippet from our Oral History Project. Get ready to dive into the incredible stories shared by Ms Ann Green, Mr. Upton Thomas and Gerald Stansbury, all representing the vibrant Broadneck Peninsula.

We're thrilled to share this sneak peek, and we're even more excited to invite you to be a part of it! Your suggestions, comments, and thoughts are incredibly valuable to us.

Whether it's a story idea, a piece of advice, or any way you think you can contribute, we're all ears!

Our project is a work in progress, and we'll be conducting interviews until April. Expect the final, polished product around July. Our dream is to preserve these stories forever in the National Archives, but for that, we need your help and involvement.

So, let's make this a community effort! Join us on this journey, share your stories, and help us shape history together. Your voice matter

Produce by: Xclusive ART MEDIA Visions

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